MF-Ceilings FAQ’s

What centers do you install MF components at?

The answer to this question depends upon a few things, one of which is the weight you intend the ceiling to hold. In standard situations, you would install your components as below:

  • MF7 Primary Channels @ 1200mm Centers
  • MF5 Furring Channels @ 450mm Centers
  • MF17 Hangers Angles @ 1200mm Centers

If you are intending on supporting weight greater than 30kg/m2, then you would need to reduce the spacing between your components to the below:

  • MF7 Primary Channels @ 900mm Centers
  • MF5 Furring Channels @ 400mm Centers
  • MF17 Hangers Angles @ 900mm Centers

Dependent upon brand and testing data, reduced centers can support weights up to 60kg!

My room doesn’t fit these dimensions

That’s ok. Use the MF Ceiling calculator to order the right quantity of components for rooms of every size.

What if my room isn’t square?

If your room fits the overall dimensions but isn’t square, you’ll still find the ceiling kits offer everything you need in the right quantities with the exception of MF6A edge trim. For rooms of irregular shape, ensure you order enough additional edge trim to cover the entire perimeter.

How do I install an MF ceiling?

Follow our MF ceiling installation guide.

Where can I buy plasterboard?

Plasterboard isn’t included in the kit as there are so many possible options depending on the application. Order plasterboard for your MF ceiling here.