MF-Ceilings FAQ’s

What centers do you install MF components at?

The answer to this question depends upon a few things, one of which is the weight you intend the ceiling to hold. In standard situations, you would install your components as below:

  • MF7 Primary Channels @ 1200mm Centers
  • MF5 Furring Channels @ 450mm Centers
  • MF17 Hangers Angles @ 1200mm Centers

If you are intending on supporting weight greater than 30kg/m2, then you would need to reduce the spacing between your components to the below:

  • MF7 Primary Channels @ 900mm Centers
  • MF5 Furring Channels @ 400mm Centers
  • MF17 Hangers Angles @ 900mm Centers

Dependent upon brand and testing data, reduced centers can support weights up to 60kg!