How Can I Increase the Weight My MF Ceiling Will Bear?

How Can I Increase the Weight My MF Ceiling Will Bear?

What’s the best way to up the load-bearing capacity of your MF ceiling?

Installed correctly, with the right components and fixings, an MF ceiling is a sturdy beast. But what if you need more?

How much weight will an MF ceiling support?

As we explore here, there are lots of potential variables that can make that a slightly tricky question to answer. Materials, layout, the integrity of the ceiling soffits/joists and the fixings you use will all influence the load bearing ability of your MF ceiling.

Some manufacturers do specify a maximum weight/load of around 30kg/m2, but to achieve this you must use the materials they specify and fix at the intervals they require.

How do I increase my MF ceiling’s load-bearing capacity?

Even though it can be difficult to identify a precise real-world maximum weight for your ceiling (because of the issues mentioned above), what’s certainly true is that, whatever the maximum weight is when using a standard construction method, increasing the number of primary channels will increase the ceiling’s load.

Primary channel will typically be installed every 1200mm but to increase the maximum weight of the ceiling, you can fix a primary channel at 900 or 600mm intervals. With each furring channel fixed to more primary channels, you’ll achieve a stronger ceiling.

How do more layers of plasterboard affect the calculation?

Sort of. Clearly, more layers of plasterboard will increase weight, but the calculation isn’t as simple as saying, for example, that two layers of plasterboard require 900mm intervals between primary channels. The key consideration is weight, not layers (because different plasterboard comes in a range of thicknesses).

If you’re unsure how many primary channels you should use to support your ceiling, talk to us.


Fixings for 2 or more plasterboard layers

Something else to note when installing more than one layer of plasterboard is that the furring channel should be screw-fixed to the primary channel, rather than using the MF9 furring channel connecting clip.

If you have questions about your increasing your MF ceiling’s ability to bear weight, give one of our experts a call on 01253 864902.