How To Install MF Ceilings

The Simple Guide To Installing An MF Ceiling

Step 1.) To begin the installation of your MF Ceilings System, you would firstly measure the perimeter of your room including the length and width. Also at this stage, you would decide on the drop (how far down you are suspending below your existing ceiling).

Step 2.) Now that you have the measurements, and have ordered the required materials, you would need to fix the MF6A Edge Trim to the perimeter of your room at your chosen height.

The MF6A should be drilling and fixed to your perimeter at at least 600mm centers to ensure a solid fix. In terms of fixings, this would depend upon the type of wall you are fixing to. For example, a concrete block wall would require Hammer Fixings to secure the trim, and dry lined walls would require Drywall Screws.

Step 3.) Now that you have fixed your MF6A Perimeter Trims around you room, you are now ready to install the MF17 Hanger Angles ready to suspend the ceiling. To do this, measure your MF17 from the ceiling above, to the bottom of the MF6A. Now cut the MF17 to that size, for example a 400mm drop means the the MF17 would be cut to 400mm.

Step 4.) Having your newly cut and sized MF17 angles at the ready, start to fix them to the underside of your existing ceiling using Angle Brackets & MF11 Nuts & Bolts. If you are looking at an acoustic ceiling, please use Acoustic Hangers rather than Angle Brackets. You would install these 450mm away from the perimeter and at 1200mm centers for standard single lined ceilings.

Diagram of how to install an mf ceiling
Step 5.) You will now attach your MF7 Primary Channels to the hanger angles you have suspended as shown in the MF Ceiling Diagram to the right. To ensure a sturdy and reliable fix, use Wafer Head Self Drilling Dry Wall Screws to secure the metals together.

Step 6.) All of the above steps have now been completed which means it is time to connect your MF5 Furring Sections to your MF7 Primary Channels using MF9 Furring Channel Clips as shown on the diagram. The Furring Sections will be installed at 450mm centers and connected to the MF7 with the dished ‘Top Hat’ shape facing downwards.

Step 7.) Your Metal Framework is now installed securely and correctly, so you can now begin to install your Plasterboards to the underside of the MF5 Furring Sections. Please be sure to stagger your plasterboards and provide adequate amount of fixings for each board. We have a range of Drywall Screws available here online.

MF Ceiling Diagram

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