MF17 Hanger Angle 3.6m

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Product description

Product Name: Unbranded MF17 Hanger Angle 3.6m

Product Number: MF-004


What prevents your MF ceiling from sagging as it reaches the centre of the room? MF17 Hanger Angles (also known as 25×25 angles) do. For standard MF ceilings, fix hanger angles at 1200mm x 1200mm intervals across your ceiling to create secure fix points for the MF7 Primary Channel.

Secure hanger angles to the ceiling using Angle Brackets. Where you need to achieve acoustic performance from your MF ceiling, however, switch the angle brackets for Acoustic Hangers. Connect hanger angles to primary trim using MF11 Nuts & Bolts.

Supplied in lengths of 3m and 3.6m, simply cut hanger angles to desired length using Quality Snips with a hardened cutting edge.

For more on how to fix hanger angles, check our MF Ceiling installation guide.


Product Details;

  • Quantity: 1 Length
  • Size: 3.6m
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Brand: Non-Specific


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Additional Data

Weight 1.93 kg
Dimensions 360 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

Galvanised Steel

Reaction to Fire

Euroclass A1

Harmonised Technical Specification:

BS EN 14195:2014


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