What Do I Need for an MF Ceiling?

What Do I Need for an MF Ceiling?

From tools to metals to fixings, find everything you need for your MF ceiling here

The metals

The clue’s in the name. The starting point for any metal frame (MF) ceiling should be the metal lengths that will form your grid. Fortunately, there are only four main elements to get to grips with. Click each product to order:

  • MF6A Edge Trim 3.6m: The starting point for your MF ceiling is the edge or perimeter trim that you’ll fix to the wall.
  • MF17 Hanger Angle 3.6m: Hanger angles are the vertical elements of your MF ceiling, connecting the grid to the ceiling
  • MF7 Primary Channel 3.6m: Primary support channels are the chief load-bearing beams spanning your room. They connect to the hanger angles.
  • MF5 Furring Section 3.6: Each furring section sits at 90° to the primary channel and is connected to it by furring clips (see below).

For full instructions on how to install the above metals, take a look at our MF ceiling installation guide.

The fixings

Hammer Fixings: Handy for quickly fixing perimeter trim to solid masonry walls. As the name suggests, hammer the fixing in place to secure; unscrew to remove. For drylined walls, use drywall screws.

MF11 Nuts & Bolts: Attach primary channel to hanger angles using these nuts and bolts.

Angle Brackets: Use to fix hanger angle to the ceiling, unless you need to achieve acoustic performance from your MF ceiling, in which case, use…

Acoustic Hangers

MF9 Furring Channel Clips: Essential for securely connecting furring sections to primary channel.

Drywall Screws: Use to secure plasterboard to your metal frame.

Wafer Head Self Drilling Drywall Screws: Room too long or too wide for a single primary channel or furring section? Overlap the furring channel pieces by 150 mm and connect using these wafer head screws.

Tools and other essentials

You’ll need to add plasterboard to your frame. You may wish to add insulation rolls above your plasterboard.

To complete the job, you’ll also need:

  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Tin snips
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit or laser level

Questions about your MF ceiling installation? Give one of our experts a call on 01253 864902.