What is an MF Ceiling?

An MF Ceiling stands for Metal Framework Ceiling. As the name suggests, this is a form of ceiling system, created from metal framework. The purpose of an MF system is to allow you to create a new suspended ceiling, that can be plaster boarded and skimmed if required. Common uses for an MF ceiling are: –

  • – To reduce the height of the ceiling, which in return reduces the need for heating
  • – To cover up an old and tired looking ceiling
  • – To create a fire rated ceiling
  • – To create design features such as alcoves and bulkheads

The above are just a few of the main examples of how an MF ceiling can be used, but we also want to look at why you would use metal framework ceilings over traditional timber drop ceilings. The reason for this is simply time and cost. An MF ceiling is much less labour intensive than that of a timber ceiling, as rather than having to saw and cut through timber, you simply use tin snips and cut the metal in seconds. In return, you save time which equals money.

Not only is this system easier and quicker to install, but the materials are also much cheaper. Yes you can still find expensive brands of metal such as British Gypsum, but you can also find much cheaper alternatives, that have the same performance. Here at MF-Ceilings.co.uk, we specialise in offering you the most cost-effective product, without losing quality or serviceability.

What Does MF Ceiling Stand For

MF Ceiling stands for Metal Framework Ceiling. This is a simple abbreviation that allows people to identify the products. Each component of the system is know as ‘MF’ and then a numeric value. The below are the components that make up the MF system: –

These products collectively make up the metal framework ceiling system.

How To Install An MF Ceiling

Installing an MF ceiling isn’t as difficult as many may expect, in fact, it is relatively straight forward and quick to do. You also only require simple tools and a general understanding.

Take a look at our How to install MF Ceilings guide for a full step by step list of the instillation process.

What Plasterboards Can I Use With My MF Ceiling

You can use a variety of different plasterboards with your MF Ceiling. This can include standard Wall Board, Fire Board, Sound Board and Moisture Resistant Board. All these boards come in a range of sizes and thicknesses but are all accepted with MF Ceilings.

The main consideration when plasterboarding your suspended ceiling, is the weight in which it will add to the system. MF Ceilings are designed to support around 30-35kg per m2, when installed as standard and as per manufacturer guidelines. This can be different depending on the brand of metal and the way in which it is installed. For example, installing you MF5 furring channels at 450mm centres and your MF7 primary channels at 1200mm centres would be classified as a standard from of instillation, this would hold roughly 30-35kg/m2. But if you were to bring your MF7 primary channels to a 900mm centre, you could increase the load bear of the ceiling by an extra 10-15kg/m2.

This means that you can use a variety of plasterboards, but you must ensure that you check the load bearing capacities of your system, to ensure that you only fix the correct weight of plasterboard, whether this be a single or double layer of board

Can You Double Board An MF Ceiling

As per above, you can certainly double board your mf system, but you must check what weight the metal framework can carry. Before committing to double layers of plasterboard, please consult an expert such as ourself, so we can give you the relevant advice on how to achieve a correctly installed ceiling.

Please consider that boards such as sound board and moisture board are much more dense and heavier than a standard wallboard, so the likes of these would need looking at before installation.

How Much Do MF Ceilings Cost

This is a rather broad question, as this would all depend on the purpose and final results of your ceiling. If you are installing an MF ceiling simply to cover up an old and existing one, and are only using standard plasterboard, you would be looking at a cost for the metal work of around £6.50m2.

If you needed a ceiling that would carry more weight, you would subsequently need more materials, and this may push this metalwork cost up to around £8.00 – £10.00m2. Manufacturer price increases do appear annually, and these prices are based on current rates in 2023.

Of course the MF metals are not the only cost, you also have to think about the below extras: –

  • – MF Ceiling Installation: £8.00 – £15.00m2
  • – Plasterboards: £3.85 – £7.50m2 (Single Layer)
  • – Insulation: £2.60 – £8.00m2
  • – Skimming: £10.00m2

So what is the overall cost of installing an MF Ceiling? Based on a single layer of 12.5mm wallboard, with 100mm thick Isover insulation and finished with plaster, we would estimate this to be around £27.00m2. This price can fluctuate based on location, these rates are based on work in the north of the UK, prices in the south would usually be higher.

How Do I Get Access Above An MF Plasterboard Ceiling

Installing a great looking MF Ceiling system is all well and good, but what happens if you need to gain access above the ceiling, for such reasons as running cables, fixing utilities or accessing structural elements? Bring in the access panels! Our range of access panels allow you to quickly fix them on the surface or flush to your ceiling, giving you access above when required.

Access panels come in a range of sizes and finishes. We have picture frame edged panels, which are designed to sit on the surface of your ceiling, we also have beaded edge panels, which can be plastered into the ceiling, making it flush and giving it a monolithic look.

These options are available in a list of sizes such as below: –

  • – 150mm x 150mm
  • – 300mm x 300mm
  • – 450mm x 450mm
  • – 550mm x 550mm
  • – 600mm x 600mm
access panel

We can also have custom sizes made and have extras such as specialised locks, air seals and acoustic performance added to the panels, meaning there is an access panel for every project.

So why Use An MF Ceiling?

MF ceilings are a fantastic option creating a new drop ceiling below your existing one. They are easy to install, cost effective and carry a good load of weight, meaning they are a great option for almost any room. Not only do they do all of the above, but they are also universal in the sense that you can create amazing looking features in your ceiling, without the need to struggle.

For more information on MF Ceilings, give our expert team a call today on 01253 864902.