MF Ceiling Kit with 170mm Knauf Insulation

MF Ceiling in a large or specific area? Maybe you require the insulation to go with? Well here at we have our MF kits designed with Knauf insulation to ensure an easy,simple process for you when looking to order.

Along with our MF Ceiling kits we offer a variety of Knauf Insulation rolls in different thicknesses including the 170mm Thick Knauf Insulation loft roll.

Knauf 170mm Insulation Data:

Thickness: 170 mm
Width: 1140 mm
Material: Glass Mineral Wool
Usage: Thermal Loft insulation for a pitched roof at ceiling level only. Standard loft insulation which runs between timber joists and then cross layered on top.
Coverage: 8.01 m2
Fire Retardant: Yes
Acoustic: No
Thermal Conductivity: 0.044 W/mK
Type: Loft Roll